NørreHalne cop. Fodboldstævne. Nordjylland, idrætsstævner.
INFO 2024 
Motorhome pitch at Vingården Foxhillvin north of Aalborg.
Øster Halne Hedevej 10, 9430 Vadum.
This vineyard is located a little out in the country. 10 km. from Aalborg and 2 km to Vadum with shopping opportunities.
The place is surrounded by beautiful nature, a vineyard of over 300 plants and a large garden.
Guests are free to move around the grounds and sit in the many places made around the grounds.
The courtyard is paved with stone, and here the Camper over 8 m. Can hold without problems.
On the opposite side of the yard there are 3 pitches along the driveway behind the yard where the Camper u / 8m. can hold on fixed gravel pitches, here there is grass next to / or tiles.
Es gibt Kraft.
Wasser kann mit Schläuchen aus den Wasserhähnen entnommen werden, um den Wagen zu erreichen.
Es gibt eine Dusche und eine Toilette im Gebäude mit Eingang vom Innenhof
Grill kann für Holzkohle ausgeliehen werden.
Es gibt einen hausgemachten gemütlichen Golfplatz rund um den Garten und den Weinberg.Es gibt Kraft.
Installations that can be used.
There is current 230 V.
Water can be taken from the taps with hoses to reach the cart.
There is a shower and toilet in the building with entrance from the courtyard
Barbecue can be borrowed for charcoal.
There is homemade cozy golf course around through the garden and vineyard.
If you do not have a garden table + chair with you, borrow here.
Payment INFO

Payment INFO is inside the door with entrance from the courtyard at the end gable.
Pr. Day:
Camper space with everything included.
Bath, Toilet, small kitchen, living room, loan of mini grill, free play on House golf course, refilling of water, electricity connection
DDK 130 (20 EURO).
Here is the courtyard of the Camper over 8 meters.
Entrance to shower, toilet and small kitchen.
Payment INFO inside the door in the gable.
Driveway to the courtyard of the Motorhome over 8 meters.
Driveway to pitches 1 + 2 + 3 for motorhomes up to 8 meters.
Place No. 1 and 2.
Hold close to the tiles with the door.
Place No. 3 by the lake in the vineyard.
Electricity is available on the pole towards the hen house.
What's happening and opportunities here.
- The wine is cut during MAR / APR.
- The rhododendrons bloom over 3 weeks.
- The vines are green and pruned continuously JUN / JUL / AUG.
- Around 1 - 10 OCT wine is picked. (Date depends on the weather,)
- Wine tasting and wine making tours can be arranged. (the wine's way to the throat)
If there are several campers who want to meet here, it can be agreed.
- If you get visits from families / friends while staying here, there is the possibility of accommodation in cabins for them.
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Øster Halne Hedevej 10, 9430 Vadum. 15 km. nord for Aalborg. Phone/SMS +45-22162713.
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